How to succeed in NJIT Math 222

Prof. Roy Goodman

Syllabus | Canvas

The most important thing: preparation 🏃

Make sure you know calculus. If you were placed in this class but don’t know calculus well, it will be very hard.

  • In particular:
    • Know the difference between derivatives and integrals
    • Know integrals and derivatives of common functions: $\sin{x}$, $e^{ax}$, $\ln x$, etc.
    • Know techniques including integration by parts and $u$-substitution.
  • Calculus review materials in Canvas.

The other important thing: work 👷

There is a lot to learn! Don’t fall behind!

  • Start working in week one. 📆
  • Keep up day to day (or at least week to week). Friday’s lecture will be easier to follow if you have understood Thursday’s lecture.
  • Attending every lecture but doing no work is a poor strategy.
  • Read the book 📖, work through the examples, and try to understand the ideas. Then do the homework.
  • Spend 2-3 hours working for every hour of lecture.

Your time is valuable 🕰️ = 💵

Too many students take this class two or more times before passing. Put in enough time and work to pass it on the first attempt.

Our time is valuable ⏲️ = 💰

Your instructors put a lot of time into planning and teaching the class. We like to see positive results.

Understand the grading scheme

Component Contribution
WileyPlus Homework 10%
Quizzes 10%
MATLAB Assignments 16%
Common Midterm Exam I 17%
Common Midterm Exam II 17%
Final Exam 30%
  • Nothing is optional. Skipping the MATLAB drops you two 2️⃣ letter grades.
  • Homework and quizzes are there to encourage you to keep up every week.
  • The homework is (relatively) easy. It can compensate (somewhat) for poor test performance.

Why so much MATLAB?

  • MATLAB (and computing more generally) is a tool to help visualize the solutions to differntial equations, which helps you think about the meaning of solutions and not simply write down formulas.
  • Numerical methods (e.g. Euler’s method, sec. 2.7) are an essential tool for understanding ODE. It helps understanding if you work with the computer code.
  • You will use MATLAB in later courses.
  • When you see ODE after this semester, numerical solutions are likely to play an important role.

For math/MATLAB help

  • Professor’s office hour is your first option. We like helping, especially early. 🧑‍🏫
  • Ask questions in class. ❓
  • If you don’t understand why we cover something, ask. It’s all there for a reason.

For errors in materials 😕

Contact the coordinator! There are dozens of links, assignments, and due dates in Canvas. There are bound to be mistakes. Help me fix them .

We want you to succeed!

Good luck this semester! 😄