Math 473 Intermediate Differential Equations

Course Info

Almost everything is on the course canvas page.


I put a little bit of MATLAB stuff here, but it is also mainly on Canvas.

MATLAB startup file

I use a file startup.m to replace the default MATLAB graphing settings with something a little bit nicer. In particular, I include $\LaTeX$ formatting in my axis labels. $\LaTeX$ is a markup language that mathematicians use to typeset math. If any of my MATLAB programs give you errors, run these lines first:


Add-on software

In Part 1 of Strogatz it will be helpful to use software to draw direction fields. In Part 2, it will be useful to use software to draw phase planes. This is not built into MATLAB in a simple way, so you’ll have to install some additional software. The site provides complete documentation and how-to videos.

Here are some HTML files exported from MATLAB

I have created a few tutorials that we will be using over the course of the semester. They will be linked from Canvas, but I am collecting them here for reference:

Basic MATLAB Usage

Companion to the textbook