Math 676 Graduate Differential Equations

Course Info

Almost everything is on the course canvas page or on the official Math Department syllabus. Canvas and Google Docs are bad at rendering mathematics and computer code, so I maintain this webpage to post math-heavy and code-heavy information

MATLAB startup file

I use a file startup.m to replace the default MATLAB graphing settings with something a little bit nicer. In particular, I include $\LaTeX$ formatting in my axis labels. $\LaTeX$ is a markup language that mathematicians use to typeset math. If any of my MATLAB programs give you errors, run these lines first:


This changes how math is interpreted in figures and requires any $\LaTeX$ math to be enclosed between dollar signs.

MATLAB Dynamical Systems Software

At some point, we may want to draw direction fields and phase planes. This capability is not built into MATLAB in a simple way, so you’ll have to install some additional software. The site provides complete documentation and how-to videos.

Computational solutions to homework problems

Meiss 3.4c